Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oak Orchard

Today I fished with Graham, Brent, and Howard, who is from Brent's club back home. After a few hours of tossing flies, I finally caught this beast on a black stone fly! I had a few other hits and lost another one. It was a good day but cold and snowy, with some hail.


Shantil said...

Holy cow! I remember when you took Sher, Ger, and I fishing what seems like a century ago, and I was too afraid to even get near the fish.
Well, I have a hubby who loves to fish, and I have three boys. Don't know if this means I will need to get used to being near fish or the smell when preparing to cook them. Nice catch, cousin!

Crystal said...

is that a fish or are you happy to see me?