Friday, November 2, 2007

Fishing with Graham, Brent & Alex

Today I went out to Oak Orchard creek to see if I could find and meet Graham. I ran into him just after noon and he was fishing with Brent and Alex. When I walked up Brent had on a steelhead and I stopped to watch. I seemed that Graham was nervous that I would steal his spot in the water if he got out to grab his camera, so I said "I'm not going to take your spot, but I'd like to introduce myself." He was relieved and after photographing the fish he offered to let me join them in the water and fish. I proceeded to practice casting while the rest of them caught fish or had hook ups. I had nothing, but that was expected. Just before I left I met Fred and his friend Joe. Tomorrow night we will all tie together!!! I can't wait!!!

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