Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oak Orchard: October 3rd 2007

I fished Oak Orchard today and although I saw a few salmon, there weren't nearly as many as I had hoped to find. Fishing pressure was light and by the time I left the creek around 2pm there was only 1 other car at the parking area.

I fished down from the bend and saw suckers, bass, sunfish, and salmon, but only caught 1 red ear after begging it to take the fly.

Up at the dam there were a lot of salmon, but the casting room sucks and so I didn't fish there at all....and may never fish there, at least during salmon season. Lots of guys were fishing from up on the walkway and a bunch were wading, but that kind of shoulder to shoulder fishing is just not my style.

Checked out Sandy on the way out to OO, but didn't see more than 1 dead salmon and 1 brown. Soon, hopefully, the browns will start running and we'll see more.

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