Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Genesee River: October 6th 2007 - GFP Fishing Trip #2

Last Saturday we took our second Guys, Flies & Pies fishing trip, into the Genesee River Gorge to fish at the Lower Falls. Sean, Brian, Ché and I met at the rose park at 6am for the hike into the gorge.

We geared up and set off down the path. About 1/2 way down, just before the final decent down the steepest part with all the rocks, my left knee decided to play "old" and started to hurt a bit. Either way, we hiked on. Sean and Ché went ahead and fished in the spray of the falls first, while Brian and I stood downstream about 100 yards, ready to fish where the falls flow and power plant flow meet.

Brian turns to me and says "You going in?" Now, it's important to know at this point, that I rarely plan on really wading into the Genesee river. I have in the past waded across to the island, and even into the falls flow, but generally I only go a few feet in, if that far. So when Brian says "You going in?" I replied back "No, not really." He then said something like "Well, I am." I should have believed him, because he took one step into the river and the rock he choose to step on, choose to move. He went in up to his arm pits and was soaked. He took a few a moments to gain his footing, and just as he was about to stand up I realized that he could float down the river, and so I stepped forward and offered him a hand to get out. He stood there on the shore, dripping wet, just kinda dazed. After a few minutes he took off his waders and rested because he hit his knee on a rock on his way down.

I kept my composure and didn't laugh....until Ché and Sean came back down and asked what Brian was doing.

Brian decided to call it a day about 2 hours later and started his hike out. When he got to the base of the trail he decided to take a break. During the break he decided to fish. Brian then caught the ONLY fish of the day between the 4 of us. It was a 12 inch something (he couldn't identify it.)

By the time I got home, I had a call from Brian saying he got a new cell phone, and within 6 hours of that, I got a call saying he will be on crutches for the next week due to a very bruised knee.

GFP sustains it's first injury!

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