Monday, December 3, 2007

Fishing with Mike L

Mike L and I fished for some lake run browns last Friday. We had a good spot to ourselves and were successfully catching nothing. About 30 minutes later 4 guys come down and get right in our way. As much as I know to expect this during the fall runs, I was a bit upset because there was plenty of room around because there were not that many fisherman out that day. Then, they proceeded to catch fish after fish. While Mike and I were catching nothing, we could at least be comforted by thinking that maybe there weren't any in this hole, well these guys showed us that we were just not catching them. I was also a bit upset having to wait to cast because their drift was well into my area.

Well, we had fun anyway but just a bit ticked off by that. I ended up seeing a great blue heron, a mink, some fish, a red fox and 2 turkeys on the trip!

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Crystal said...

i hate when people move in on my territory! back off ladies, he's mine!